Anita Healthy Treats Kitchen Chef


Healthy Treats Kitchen Chef

Hi, Welcome to my web store. I hope you enjoy shopping here as much as I enjoyed creating this

My name is Anita. Based in Monivea, County Galway, I love my life with my Husband and two dogs.

When I started writing my bio, I asked my friends for a little help. We all know how hard it is to write
a bio on yourself without sound egotistical right? So these are a few of the traits I possess according
to my friends.


Healthy Treats Kitchen Testimonials

Inspiring..honest..different..great visual..thinking of the customer always....supportive of other
businesses... Theresa Cunningham

Where do I start my dear?????? Words can never express adequately how amazing and inspiring
you are as a lifelong friend but also as a businesswoman you are always thinking of others
supportive in their decisions always at the forefront of what's new and upcoming. One of my
favourite things about you is your honesty you'd never let me go out looking like a fool. Lorna

Always a smile words of encouragement great style inspirational supportive All in all a fantastic lady
to have in your corner. Anna Marie Joyce

I’m happy to say that I could go on, but you hopefully get the picture!

I am the person who does the production for all of the lovely products that you see here. I am the
person who will send on your purchases as soon as I possibly can. I am the person who hopes to see
you coming back again and again and again.

So, I’d like to tell you a little about myself and how I got here……..


How I Started Healthy Treats Kitchen

Healthy Treats TestimonialsI have always loved food. And chocolate!! Lots of chocolate! When I started on my healthy living,
only four years ago, I knew that chocolate just had to go! My sweet tooth was stronger than my
willpower. I knew that I would not be able to just have a square of chocolate, I’d have to have the
whole bar. That’s when I decided to find a healthy alternative. And so my journey began…..

I searched the marketplace to see what was available. I must say, there’s a lot out there. But not any
that made me feel satisfied or nourished. I do not eat dairy either and the amount of whey protein
bars that I rejected was getting more and more frustrating!

So, I’m an intelligent woman, right? Why not make my own?? So I did!

My whole life started to change; really, I mean it! I started to lose the weight that I had gained from
overindulgence. I started making smarter choices in other areas of my nutrition. I started training,
which led to my trainer tasting my balls, her clients then wanted some and then one of my work
clients (I was a bookkeeper) who owned a couple of cafes said, if I got registered with the HSE, she’d
stock them for me. It has been growing organically (pun intended!) ever since.

I am delighted to be able to share my passion for my products and to have this shop to assist you to
eat more healthily.

Everyone deserves a treat; everyone should demand a Healthy Treat!

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