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All of our healthy treats contain dried fruit, nuts and seeds. No additives, no preservatives, just vitamins, protein, minerals and buckets of taste.

They are all free from dairy, wheat gluten and soy. They do not contain any processed sugars or any palm oil.

All of our products are vegan-friendly, celiac-friendly and our Chocolate Orange Truffles are suitable for diabetics.

Our Protein Balls, Energy Bites and Truffles have long shelf lives and our products do not need to be refrigerated, making them ideal for handbags, gym bags, the lunch box or car.

I know you’re going to love them!

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Anita Healthy Treats KitchenHi, my name is Anita and I am delighted to be able to share my passion for my products and to have this shop to assist you to eat more healthily.

When I decided that I had to make a change and eat in a more healthy way, 4 years ago, I was frustrated by the healthy choices out there. There are a lot, but none that were free of so many ingredients I wanted to avoid or that made me feel satisfied or nourished.

I decided to make healthy treats for myself! After sharing them with my trainer, friends and colleagues, I knew I was on to something…

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